Our Foods

Here at NoPo Paws, we are committed to carrying the highest quality all-natural, holistic and organic pets foods.  You will find no artificial preservatives, by-products, wheat or corn in our selection.  Our criteria is simple:  would we feed this food to our pets?  Below you’ll find the list of foods we are proud to carry.

Is your normal pet food not on this list?  Stop by the store and we would be happy to discuss comparable foods.  We also have a wide selection of foods available by special order.  Our Special Order Program is designed to take the hassle out of food purchasing.  Simply let us know how often you will need a bag of food and we keep track when the next bag is needed and confirm your next order with you.  We’re a small store and we know we can’t carry every great brand out there.  We welcome special orders!  Call or stop in for more details.

 Our Alt-Raw Food Selection (Freeze-Dried and Dehydrated Foods)
Our Canned Dog Food Selection
Stella & Chewys, Open Farm, Weruva, FirstMate, Kasiks, Lotus,  PureVita, NutrisourceRedbarn
Our Canned Cat Food Selection  

Weruva, BFF, Cats in the KitchenLotus, FirstMate, PureVita, Koha, Firstmate, Kasiks

All of our food is guaranteed:  if your pet won’t eat it or it just doesn’t agree with them, simply return the bag of food for a full refund.  We, and the pet food companies we support, understand that not every food works for every pet.  

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